It is generally accepted by medical specialists practicing in the area of sleep disorders that dental appliances are the most effective method of treating snoring with the least side effects.

Many scientific studies now demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of dental appliances in overcoming the problems associated with snoring.

There are over 40 appliances available for treating snoring.

Criteria for finding the ideal appliance are as follows:

Are the effectiveness, comfort and safety of the appliance proven by a gold standard scientific study?

Can the appliance be adjusted by the patient, in an anterior or posterior direction, in order to achieve the ideal mandibular position? This allows for elimination of symptoms with minimal or no side effects. Many appliances are non adjustable, making successful treatment free from side effects a hit or miss affair. Other appliances can only be adjusted by the dentist requiring separate appointments.

Does the appliance allow for full lateral movements? The ability to move side to side with the appliance in place minimizes the possibility of TMJ and muscle pain. Many appliances allow for no lateral movements.

Is the appliance robust and able to withstand the forces of bruxism (clenching and grinding)? People who snore and have sleep apnea are eight times more likely to have bruxism, placing a great deal of strain on the appliance.

The MDSA has been developed in direct consultation with leading Australian dentists, sleep physicians and dental technicians.

The following features make the MDSA the ideal appliance for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea.

  • Gold standard scientific study: A recent controlled randomized study involving 2 major hospitals demonstrates the effectiveness, safety and comfort of the MDSA
  • Fully adjustable by the patient: The easiest way to eliminate the symptoms while maintaining maximum comfort
  • Full lateral movements with the appliance in place: Eliminating or reducing the possibility of jaw pain
  • High strength components: Made from medical-grade stainless steel, the MDSA component is extremely robust and durable


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