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Cosmetic Dentistry

Prosthodontics is the dental specialty that involves the replacement and reconstruction of teeth. In addition to implants and cosmetic dentistry, this includes high quality, precision crowns ("caps") and conventional bridgework.

By the nature of their advanced training, Prosthodontists were cosmetic dentists before the idea of "cosmetic dentists" became popular. A Prosthodontist offers you the credentials and experience to provide you with the utmost in design and quality.

Tooth Whitening

There are literally hundreds of tooth whitening systems on the market today. These procedures
tend to fall into one of three categories:

  • Professional, in-office tooth whitening
  • Professional, take-home tooth whitening
  • Consumer (over-the-counter) tooth whitening systems

Dr. Zach and his staff have done extensive research into the best, most comfortable, and safest choices for professional whitening (items #'s 1 and 2 above). In this section of our website, you will be able to explore these tooth whitening technologies and decide which is best for you.

There are many culprits that can lead to the darkening of your teeth. Some of these, such as discoloration of your teeth from trauma, use of certain antibiotics during childhood, or inherited pigmentations and calcium imbalances, require us to suggest involved cosmetic procedures such as caps or veneers to correct. These specialized services that we offer are discussed elsewhere on our website.

Fortunately, the vast majority of us have experienced darkening discoloration of our teeth merely as a result of decades of exposure to the colorized proteins that are caused by the consumption of coffee, tea, cola beverages, or various plant-derived foods. Tobacco use, while not contributing directly to protein absorption in the teeth, tends to accelerate (or "fix") the stains in your teeth.

If you are a candidate for tooth whitening, we offer you a choice between in-office whitening and take home whitening trays.

Dr. Zach also uses in-office whitening systems consisting of Opalescence Boost bleach. There is no light involved, but the bleach is stronger. It takes 1 or 2 twenty minute sessions with these systems. Teeth whitened in this way usually become 2-3 shades lighter in color. A take home kit is given to further enhance your smile. These two systems may make your teeth more sensitive. Tooth sensitivity and underlying tooth darkness may limit your results.

Ceramic Crowns

The 21st Century has seen incredible advancements in the field of metal free dental restorations. We have always provided care on this leading edge, and offer several applications of these varying technologies.

Without a doubt, the newest of these innovations involves the fusion of a zirconia substrate and the craftsmanship of classic "hand laid" porcelain. This new crown system, called "Cercon", gives you the strength of the traditional gold / porcelain crown (which is how over 95% of all crowns are currently made), while providing the beauty and translucency of porcelain. In essence, the metallic, grayish metal underpinning found in most of today's crowns is replaced by an aero-space zirconia foundation. You've probably seen that unsightly "gray line at the gum" on existing crowns (on yourself or other people) that can be caused by the mainstream metallic-based technique. We can also provide porcelain fused-to-metal crowns such as Captek when necessary, and keep the metal margins hidden.

If you're interested in looking into your possibilities for enhancement of your smile with metal free, ceramic based cosmetic dentistry, please give us a call.


Dr. Zach offers all ceramic crowns for both the front teeth and back teeth using Wolceram, Procera and Cercon crowns.

Ceramic Veneers

Just like "cosmetic bonding" was popular in the 1980's, "tooth veneers" enjoyed a peak in popularity in the 1990's. The primary goal behind the development of veneers was to provide patients with a non-metallic cosmetic restoration, while keeping the "back side" of the tooth to add strength to the full width of the laminated veneer.

Now that there are at least two technologies lending high strength to all-porcelain crowns, the need for veneers has diminished. Because truly aesthetic veneers require reduction of at least 2/3rds of the tooth, the new, high strength full coverage metal-free crowns are more frequently the restorations of choice.

There are, however, circumstances in which the porcelain laminate veneer is the preferred restoration, and we provide extremely high quality Cerinate and Empress veneers for such instances.

However, since the cost of veneers and crowns are almost identical, and crowns offer much more strength and flexibility in design, most patients opt for full coverage.

This diagram demonstrates how much tooth structure must be removed to create a veneer. This is not that much less reduction than is needed for a full crown.


Before - Bonding
Before - Bonding Front 6 Teeth
After Bonding

Instant Smiles Now Possible Without Drilling Your Teeth

We are talking about the Snap-On Smile™, a flexible and very esthetic appliance that fits over your existing teeth to give you an instant beautiful smile. No drilling, no shots, and less expensive than regular cosmetic procedures.

There has never been anything that can compare to this appliance. Other appliances, made with other materials, have been proven to be brittle and tend to crack upon repeated seatings in the mouth. The Snap-On Smile™ is made from a revolutionary new material that has a memory and can retain its shape without fracturing. It also "snaps" onto the patient's teeth, leaving no need for adhesion. In addition to the material used, upon completion of a full dental exam and periodontal screening, any patient can get this! Although we suggest any patient with periodontal desease or decay receive treatment prior to wearing the Snap-On Smile™, some patients may decide to wear the appliance during other dental treatment. Such a decision is fine because there are no contraindications when wearing the appliance. The Snap-On Smile™ is purely cosmetic and does not promote or discourage dental decay.

The Snap-On Smile™ appliance must be removed at night. We do not advise eating with it on. The appliance is purely cosmetic, not intended to restore or repair decayed teeth or a difficult bite. We advise that you brush your Snap-On Smile™ appliance after every meal, if you decide to eat with it. This will enable the appliance to maintain its shade. We recommend that you keep your Snap-On Smile™ in the protective case that will be provided to you when you are not wearing them. We cannot be responsible for anything that may occur to your teeth while wearing the Snap-On Smile™ appliance. At periodic check-up appointments, we will evaluate the Snap-On Smile™ appliance as a courtesy service.

If you have any questions about this exciting product give us a call at: 518-691-0015.

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